The Best Hostels in Indonesia: Social Stays on a Budget

Indonesia offers a tapestry of cultures, landscapes, and historical sites that attract travelers from around the world. For those looking to explore this vibrant country without breaking the bank, staying in hostels is an excellent choice. Hostels in Indonesia provide a platform for meeting new people, engaging in local activities, and discovering the authentic lifestyle of the Indonesian people.

These establishments range from lively social hubs to quiet retreats, catering to the needs of diverse travelers like solo adventurers and digital nomads to cultural enthusiasts. Let’s explore what makes Indonesian hostels a preferred choice for budget-savvy travelers, highlight the best hostels across various key destinations, and offer tips on how to select the best hostel for your travel style and needs.

Why Choose Hostels in Indonesia?

Choosing the right place to stay can make a big difference in your travel experience. Hostels in Indonesia offer a cheap place to sleep while providing a vibrant atmosphere for meeting new people and experiencing the local culture up close. Here are reasons you might consider staying in a hostel on your next trip to Indonesia:

  • Affordable Prices: Hostels are much cheaper than hotels. You can save a lot of money on accommodation, which means more to spend on adventures and local cuisine!
  • Meet New Friends: Hostels are famous for their social environment. You’ll meet other travelers from around the world. Share stories, tips, and maybe plan some outings together.
  • Unique Amenities: Many hostels in Indonesia go beyond the basics. They offer unique amenities like pools, yoga classes, and even coworking spaces for digital nomads.
  • Cultural Experiences: Some hostels arrange local tours and activities that help you dive deeper into Indonesian culture. This could be anything from language lessons to cooking classes.
  • Convenient Locations: Hostels are often located near major attractions or transport hubs, making it easy to explore.

Bali is a dream destination for many travelers, known for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and a wide range of accommodations tailored to budget-conscious backpackers. 

Here are some of the top hostels in Bali that offer a mix of affordability, comfort, and a vibrant social scene:

1. Tribal Bali – Canggu

Highlights: Tribal Bali is celebrated for its expansive co-working space, making it ideal for digital nomads. It also features a large pool and offers a blend of fun and work in a tropical setting. The hostel is just minutes from the beach and surrounded by Canggu’s hip cafes and nightlife.

Recommended For: Solo travelers and digital nomads looking for a social atmosphere mixed with productivity.

2. Arya Wellness – Ubud

Highlights: This boutique hostel caters specifically to women and focuses on wellness. It offers daily yoga, Pilates, and meditation classes. Guests can enjoy a serene environment with comfortable amenities and a vegetarian in-house restaurant.

Recommended For: Female travelers interested in a health-conscious, supportive community.

3. Gusti Homestay – Seminyak

Highlights: Known for its budget-friendly pricing, Gusti Homestay offers free breakfast, airport transfers, and parking. It’s a great choice for those who want to explore Seminyak without breaking the bank.

Recommended For: Budget travelers and those looking for a comfortable, cost-effective stay with basic amenities.

4. Kos One Hostel – Canggu

Highlights: A boutique hostel offering stunning views of green rice fields and Mount Agung. It features an “Alternative Beach” swimming pool, jacuzzi, and a pool bar. Kos One Hostel is perfect for a wide range of travelers, especially those interested in surfing and enjoying the laid-back beach lifestyle.

Recommended For: Travelers seeking a mix of relaxation, luxury, and social interaction.

5. In Da Lodge – Ubud

Highlights: In Da Lodge offers a cozy atmosphere with high-speed WiFi, barbecue facilities, and a swimming pool. It’s one of the more affordable options and is within walking distance of Ubud’s center.

Recommended For: Those who prefer a more intimate setting close to cultural sites in Ubud.

Each of these hostels provides unique experiences, catering to different types of travelers, from those seeking a peaceful retreat to others who want a bustling social scene. By staying at one of these hostels, you can enjoy the beauty of Bali while keeping your accommodations affordable and engaging.

Jakarta, Indonesia’s bustling capital, offers a variety of hostels that cater to different tastes and preferences, ranging from quiet retreats to social hubs perfect for meeting fellow travelers. 

Here are some notable hostels in Jakarta that combine affordability with excellent amenities and location:

1. The Packer Lodge

Highlights: The Packer Lodge combines affordability with a prime location in Jakarta’s vibrant district of Glodok, an area rich in cultural heritage. Known for its cleanliness and friendly staff, this hostel offers both dormitory and private room options. It also features common areas for socializing and a range of organized tours that help travelers explore Jakarta’s hidden gems.

Recommended For: Travelers interested in cultural exploration and those who appreciate a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere.

2. Wonderloft Hostel

Highlights: Located in the heart of Jakarta near historical sites and bustling markets, Wonderloft Hostel is perfect for backpackers looking to dive into the local scene. It offers a variety of room types, a communal kitchen, and regular social events like movie nights and city tours, which makes it easy to meet new friends.

Recommended For: Solo travelers and backpackers looking for a social environment and easy access to city attractions.

3. Six Degrees

Highlights: Six Degrees is known for its welcoming atmosphere and excellent facilities, which include a rooftop garden, an indoor cinema, and a cozy café. This hostel is particularly praised for its cleanliness and the variety of social spaces that encourage guest interaction.

Recommended For: Young travelers and digital nomads seeking a blend of work and leisure in a friendly setting.

4. Teduh Hostel Kota Tua

Highlights: Situated in the historic area of Kota Tua, Teduh Hostel offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta. The hostel is within walking distance of many museums and cultural sites, making it an ideal spot for history enthusiasts. It features a tranquil courtyard, free Wi-Fi, and personal lockers.

Recommended For: History buffs and those looking for a quiet stay in a culturally rich area.

These hostels in Jakarta provide excellent options for travelers looking to explore the city while staying in comfortable, affordable accommodations. Each offers unique features that cater to different travel preferences, whether you’re seeking cultural immersion, social interactions, or a peaceful base to explore from.

Yogyakarta, often called Jogja, is a cultural hub in Java known for its traditional arts and rich history. It’s a city that blends ancient traditions with modern influences, making it a fascinating place for travelers. 

Here are some standout hostels in Yogyakarta that offer great value, excellent locations, and a glimpse into Javanese culture:

1. Venezia Garden

Highlights: This hostel is a favorite for its beautiful garden setting and relaxed atmosphere. It offers a swimming pool, which is a great plus in the city’s tropical climate. Venezia Garden is known for its friendly staff and clean, comfortable rooms. It’s an ideal place for travelers looking to unwind after a day of exploring.

Recommended For: Travelers seeking a tranquil retreat with easy access to the city’s main attractions.

2. Good Karma Yogyakarta

Highlights: Good Karma is highly rated for its social environment and the warmth of its staff. It regularly organizes tours and activities, including bike tours to the nearby temples and cultural workshops. The hostel also features traditional Javanese architecture, offering a truly local experience.

Recommended For: Solo and adventurous travelers interested in cultural activities and meeting other guests.

3. OstiC House

Highlights: Conveniently located near major attractions like the Keraton and the bustling Malioboro Street, OstiC House provides a cozy stay with modern amenities. The hostel is praised for its cleanliness and the friendly, helpful nature of its staff. It also offers a variety of room options, from dorms to private rooms, catering to different preferences and budgets.

Recommended For: Budget travelers looking for a central location and a comfortable, clean place to stay.

4. Ranasa Yogyakarta

Highlights: Situated in a quieter part of the city, this hostel offers a swimming pool and a bar, providing a perfect blend of relaxation and social opportunities. It’s close to historical sites and provides easy access to public transport, making it convenient for guests who want to explore the city and its surroundings.

Recommended For: Those looking for a mix of leisure and exploration in a less crowded area of the city.

These hostels in Yogyakarta not only provide affordable accommodations but also enrich your travel experience by offering a closer look at local life and culture. Whether you are on a tight budget or looking for a place with more amenities, Yogyakarta has hostels that can meet your needs while providing a welcoming atmosphere.

Lombok, an island in Indonesia’s West Nusa Tenggara province, is a less-traveled destination compared to its neighbor Bali. It offers beautiful beaches, impressive waterfalls, and a tranquil atmosphere that appeals to adventurers and relaxation-seekers alike. 

Here are some of the best hostels in Lombok that provide excellent value, amenities, and locations:

1. Pipes Hostel – Kuta Lombok

Highlights: Pipes Hostel is celebrated for its unique combination of social spaces and quiet areas. It features a cafe, a skate park, and a swimming pool, which makes it a favorite among young travelers and surfers. The hostel organizes various activities like BBQ and movie nights, creating a vibrant community atmosphere.

Recommended For: Adventure seekers and social travelers looking for a lively yet relaxed environment.

2. Mad Monkey – Kuta Lombok

Highlights: Known as the biggest party hostel in Lombok, Mad Monkey offers a social atmosphere with daily events and a large pool area for socializing. It’s designed to cater to a younger crowd looking to enjoy the island’s nightlife and meet fellow travelers.

Recommended For: Young backpackers interested in experiencing Lombok’s party scene and making new friends.

3. Selasar Hostel – Senaru

Highlights: Located near the gateway to Mount Rinjani, this hostel provides a peaceful retreat in the heart of nature. It’s perfect for trekkers planning to climb Rinjani or explore the nearby waterfalls. Selasar Hostel offers both dormitory and private rooms, all designed with traditional Sasak architecture.

Recommended For: Hikers and nature lovers looking for a comfortable base before and after their trekking adventures.

4. Bamba Capsule Hotel – Kuta Lombok

Highlights: This modern hostel offers capsule beds, providing privacy and comfort. Bamba Capsule Hotel is popular for its cleanliness, friendly staff, and central location, close to beaches and local eateries. It also features a rooftop area where guests can relax and enjoy views of the surrounding area.

Recommended For: Solo travelers and digital nomads seeking a mix of privacy, comfort, and community.

These hostels in Lombok cater to a range of preferences, whether you’re looking for a vibrant party scene, a calm retreat, or an adventure hub. They all offer opportunities to connect with other travelers, enjoy the local culture, and explore the beautiful landscapes of Lombok.

Choosing the Right Hostel

Selecting the perfect hostel can significantly enhance your travel experience. Here are some key considerations to help you pick the right hostel in Indonesia or any other destination:

1. Location

Convenience: Choose a hostel that is close to the main attractions or activities you are interested in. Proximity to public transportation, restaurants, and nightlife can also be a plus.

Safety: Research the safety of the neighborhood. A central, well-lit area is generally safer, especially if you plan to return late at night.

2. Type of Hostel

Social Atmosphere: If you’re looking to meet other travelers, look for hostels known for their social activities and communal spaces.

Quiet and Relaxed: For a more subdued experience, seek out hostels that promote a quiet environment, often found in smaller or family-run establishments.

3. Reviews and Ratings

Trustworthy Feedback: Check online reviews on platforms like Hostelworld,, or TripAdvisor to get an idea of what previous guests have experienced. Pay attention to comments about cleanliness, staff friendliness, and the amenities offered.

Recent Reviews: Prioritize recent reviews as they are more likely to reflect the current condition and management of the hostel.

4. Amenities

Essentials: Consider what amenities are important to you, such as free Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, or breakfast included. Some hostels offer unique features like swimming pools, bike rentals, or evening entertainment.

Personal Preferences: Depending on your travel style, you might also want to check for lockers, 24-hour reception, or the availability of private rooms versus dormitories.

5. Budget

Cost vs. Comfort: Balance your budget with the level of comfort you expect. Sometimes paying a little extra is worth it for a better location or superior amenities.

Hidden Costs: Be aware of additional charges such as for linens, towels, or key deposits. These can add up and affect your budget.

6. Community and Cultural Engagement

Local Experiences: Some hostels offer local tours or activities that can enrich your understanding of the culture and history of the area.

Language and Interaction: Consider whether the hostel facilitates language exchanges or cultural nights, which can be a great way to interact with locals and other travelers.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision that enhances your travel experience, ensuring that your hostel stay is comfortable, safe, and aligned with your travel goals.

What to Expect When Staying in Indonesian Hostels

Staying in hostels in Indonesia can be a vibrant and enriching experience, especially if you’re traveling solo or on a budget. Here’s what you can generally expect:

1. Accommodation Types

Dorm Rooms: Most hostels offer mixed or single-gender dormitory rooms with bunk beds. Private rooms may also be available for those seeking more privacy.

Shared Facilities: Bathrooms are typically shared, though some hostels offer ensuite options. Common areas like lounges, kitchens, and dining areas are standard.

2. Amenities

Basic Amenities: Free Wi-Fi, lockers for valuables, and bedding are usually provided. Extras like towels might be available for a small fee.

Additional Features: Many hostels have unique offerings such as pools, rooftop terraces, bars, or even coworking spaces, particularly in places like Bali where digital nomad culture is prevalent.

3. Social Environment

Community Activities: Hostels often organize social events like communal dinners, movie nights, city tours, or pub crawls. These activities are great opportunities to meet fellow travelers.

Cultural Immersion: Some hostels offer local cooking classes, language lessons, or cultural workshops, allowing you to dive deeper into Indonesian culture.

4. Staff and Service

Local Insight: Hostel staff are usually locals or experienced travelers who can provide valuable tips and advice on what to see and do.

Supportive Environment: Staff members are typically attentive and can assist with travel arrangements, bookings, and general inquiries.

5. Safety and Security

Security Measures: Most hostels are equipped with security cameras and night-time security personnel. Personal lockers are often available to secure your belongings.

Community Trust: The communal nature of hostels fosters a sense of shared responsibility among guests, which can enhance overall safety.

6. Cost and Budgeting

Affordable Stays: Hostels are one of the most budget-friendly accommodation options, with costs significantly lower than hotels.

Extras: Be mindful of additional costs for services like laundry, bike rental, or special tours, which might not be included in the nightly rate.

7. Rules and Etiquette

Respectful Coexistence: Observing quiet hours, keeping shared spaces clean, and respecting other guests’ privacy are common expectations.

Eco-Friendly Practices: Many hostels encourage sustainable practices like recycling, conserving water, and minimizing waste, aligning with broader environmental efforts in tourism.

Understanding what to expect can help you prepare for your stay and ensure a pleasant and memorable experience in Indonesian hostels. Whether you’re exploring bustling cities like Jakarta or serene islands like Bali, hostels can provide a welcoming and cost-effective base for your adventures.


Choosing to stay in hostels during your visit to Indonesia is more than just a cost-effective accommodation option. It provides a unique opportunity to engage deeply with fellow travelers and the local culture in a dynamic and communal environment. Whether you are a solo backpacker, a digital nomad, or a budget traveler, Indonesian hostels offer a range of experiences tailored to enhance your exploration of this diverse and culturally rich country.

Staying in a hostel in Indonesia is an experience that extends beyond mere lodging. It’s about community, culture, and connecting with the world on a budget. As you plan your trip, consider a hostel stay to truly immerse yourself in the beauty and diversity of Indonesia, making your travel both affordable and unforgettable.

The information provided in this article was accurate at the time of publication. However, it's important to note that dates, times, fees, and other related details are subject to change without prior notice. We will always make every effort to update the information whenever possible.

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